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Cardinals vs. Giants Game 7: Rain on the way, but MLB wants to play

The St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants are set to meet Monday night with the National League championship on the line, but if this were any game but NLCS Game 7 they might not be playing at AT&T Park. It's raining in San Francisco, and the forecast all week has suggested it'll keep up. suggests the forecast has changed to more intermittent showers, which means what MLB watchers have suspected all along: It'll take a deluge to get this one postponed, with Game 1 of the World Series set for Wednesday and the Detroit Tigers still unsure of their next move.

If a downpour forces a delay, that could mean interesting things for both sides' pitching staffs—starters Kyle Lohse and Matt Cain could be forced out of the game earlier than anyone anticipates, at which point it could come down to a battle of the bullpens (and the rested members of the rotation.)

It's easy to get ahead of yourself in situations like this, with the game not even begun and the rain not even here, but that does mean, at least theoretically, that Adam Wainwright might appear in another NLCS Game 7 with everything on the line (and Carlos Beltran on the field.)