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Braves vs. Cardinals: Chipper Jones error leads to St. Louis rally, 3-2 lead

The St. Louis Cardinals got their first hit of the afternoon off Kris Medlen to start the fourth inning, but when Matt Holliday sent a sharp grounder directly into Chipper Jones's glove it looked like it wouldn't go much further than that. But Jones, set to retire after the season, sailed his throw over the head of Dan Uggla, and the Cardinals suddenly had first and third with nobody out.

So of course Allen Craig doubled over Martin Prado's head, and of course the Cardinals—accused all season of not being able to play small-ball—scored two more runs on a groundout and a sacrifice fly, to take a narrow 3-2 lead over the Braves and their mostly unhittable starter. That's where things stand through five innings.

Even as a Cardinals fan it's hard to imagine Chipper Jones retiring as a direct result of his own error, if that's how things end up. But I'm not sure we ever remember these late-career blunders as strongly as we think we will. Babe Ruth the Brave and Willie Mays the Met weren't a lot of fun to watch, but they certainly haven't kept people from remembering the Yankee and Giant models.