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Nationals vs. Cardinals: St. Louis scores two runs during a Gio Gonzalez no-hitter

Game 1 of the NLDS began with a peculiar no-hitter.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

Through three innings of the NLDS the St. Louis Cardinals have a 2-1 lead over the Washington Nationals. They scored twice in a seemingly endless second inning in which starter and Cy Young contender Gio Gonzalez looked about to lose it at any moment. But through those three innings—in which Gonzalez was forced to throw 71 pitches—the Cardinals don't have a single hit.

I don't think we have a no-hitter to worry about, here. But the Cardinals have managed to take a slim lead despite starting the game off zero for their first eight. Those old Matt Stairs Oakland Athletics teams would be proud, even though the Cardinals should, at some point, start striking out and hitting some home runs as well.

Adam Wainwright came by his one run scored a little more naturally—he allowed a bunch of hits in one just-a-little-wild inning—but he's also got a weird line. Through four innings, he's struck out seven, walked two, and allowed four hits. At 62 pitches he's likely to go a little deeper into this game than Gonzalez will manage, but it looks like Game 1 is going to come down to which team's bullpen can throw strikes better than both starters.

In the fourth inning—to a standing ovation, no doubt—who-else-but-David-Freese finally broke up Gonzalez's no-hitter.