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Jaime Garcia injury: Cardinals pitcher removed from postseason roster

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The St. Louis Cardinals have removed Jaime Garcia from their postseason roster after pulling him two innings into their 12-4 win over the Nationals on Monday.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

Jaime Garcia's postseason has reportedly ended as the St. Louis Cardinals have removed him from the playoff roster. The starting pitcher was pulled from game two of the NLDS after only allowing a single run over two innings on two hits, but with some wildness to his pitching.

After being pulled, it was revealed that Garcia had been suffering from shoulder stiffness and pain for a few days before the game. He went in hoping it would ease up and it didn't. After a Monday night MRI, it appears that the Cards have decided to remove him from their roster.

The results of the MRI have not been publicly released, but it was clearly worse than just routine shoulder stiffness to remove him completely from the postseason roster. The results are set to be released on Tuesday.