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Jaime Garcia injury: GM John Mozeliak 'frustrated' over latest issue

Jaime Garcia didn't tell coaches he was feeling discomfort in his shoulder before starting Monday's NLDS Game 2, and later had an MRI

Scott Kane-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

St. Louis Cardinals starter Jaime Garcia had an MRI on his shoulder after the team's Monday's NLDS win over the Washington Nationals, the results of which could lead to his being removed from the postseason roster. General manager John Mozeliak will make that move if the MRI shows it's necessary, and Monday he told the St. Louis Dispatch the team's ignorance to Garcia's injury -- the knowledge of which likely would have precluded his starting such a crucial game -- was "frustrating."

Garcia would be ineligible for the NLCS should he be removed and the Cardinals advance. The series with Washington is tied at a game apiece. He said the injury was hard to explain:

"This is one of those things where it didn't get better the last couple days," Garcia said. "Today I thought I'd go out there, make no excuses and give our team a chance to win. But it didn't get better again. It's hard to explain. It just wasn't right."

Garcia said he felt discomfort before the Cardinals' Wild Card game with Atlanta on Friday, but said nothing to pitching coach Derek Lilliquist apparently until after Monday's game.