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Mark McGwire set to join Los Angeles Dodgers, per report

The St. Louis Dispatch is reporting that Mark McGwire is heading to the Dodgers to take over as their hitting coach.

Christian Petersen

Mark McGwire has been the hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals over the past three years, and he could be on his way to the Los Angeles Dodgers to take the same position, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The deal is not finalized, but McGwire has already informed the Cardinals of his intentions to leave and not accept the extension the club has offered him.

One main reason that McGwire wants to head to Los Angeles is because his family lives in Orange County, and he has always considered his family when making career choices.

McGwire has been a success as the Cardinals hitting coach, and has helped the team have one of the more prolific offenses since he took over the positon in 2009.

Many of the Cardinals players are aware of McGwire leaving the team, and as of right now, the Cardinals have declined to comment on the situation.