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Cardinals to make Bengie Molina offer to become hitting coach

Cardinals are looking to make Bengie Molina their hitting coach.


The St. Louis Cardinals are going to make an offer to Bengie Molina to become the team's new assistant hitting coach. By bringing in Molina to the Cardinals, it will be the first time that he and his younger brother, Yadier, will have been on the same team during their Major League careers.

The Cardinals have been looking for an assistant hitting coach ever since they promoted John Mabry to the hitting coach position. They promoted Mabry after Mark McGwire became the hitting coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Molina played more than 10 years in the majors, spending time with the San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers. His career averages were .274/.307/.411.

An announcement is expected to be made about Molina a few days after the annual winter meetings.