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2012 Cardinals Spring Training Schedule: Radio, TV, And Grapefruit League Game Times

The St. Louis Cardinals have reported to Spring Training in Jupiter, Florida, and after the long tease of pitchers and catchers and everybody else finally reporting the games—the real, score-is-being-kept baseball games—are nearly here. Here's what the Cardinals' 2012 Grapefruit League dance card looks like, starting with their March 5 bout against the newly rechristened Miami Marlins. Televised games—they'll be on Fox Sports Midwest—are in italics; all times are Central.

March 5, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Marlins

March 6, 12:10: Cardinals at New York Mets

March 7, 12:05: Cardinals at Washington Natinoals.

March 8, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox

March 9, 12:05: Cardinals at Minnesota Twins

March 10, 12:05: Cardinals at Marlins

March 11, 12:05 CDT: Cardinals vs. Nationals

March 12, 12:05: Split-squad Cardinals vs. Atlanta Braves, Nationals

March 13, 12:10: Cardinals at Mets

March 14, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Houston Astros

March 15, 1:35: Cardinals at Red Sox

March 16, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Marlins

March 17, 12:05: Cardinals at Detroit Tigers

March 18, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Marlins

March 19, 12:05: Cardinals at Braves

March 20, 12:05: Cardinals at Astros

March 21, 12:05: Cardinals vs Mets

March 22, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Nationals

March 23, 12:05: Cardinals at Marlins

March 24, 12:10: Cardinals at Mets

March 25, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Twins

March 26, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Mets

Match 28, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Tigers

March 29, 12:05: Cardinals at Marlins

March 30, 12:05: Cardinals vs. Mets

March 31, 12:05: Cardinals at Nationals

The Cardinals will play one more Spring Training contest against the Washington Nationals on April 1, and then head to Springfield, MIssouri, for their game against the Texas League Cardinals, before opening up the Marlins' new ballpark back in—well, Florida. For all that talk of going north at the end of the month's workouts and scrimmages, they don't spend much time up there...

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