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Yadier Molina Not About To Offer St. Louis Cardinals Hometown Discount

In case you were still uncertain as to what Yadier Molina's position was about his future with the St. Louis Cardinals, Rick Hummel has made it impressively clear in an article in which he catches Molina about as candid as you're likely to hear a baseball player approaching free agency.

"I don't know about that. Like I say - I always say this - I like the town. I like the city. At the same time, I have to think about my family ... like they worry about their team. This is business. If I get good money, I'll take it. If not, I go away."

There's much more there, too. In general I find it difficult to carp at players for trying to get all the market will bear when they reach free agency—their earning career is about 10 years long, if they're lucky, and they're not bargaining directly with the fans, they're bargaining with people who are far, far richer than they have any hope to be.

Even still, I think Molina is going at this the best way he can, even if it sounds gruff now. If you're not sure you'd be willing to offer a hometown discount, don't suggest it as a possibility—presumably Molina learned this lesson from watching Albert Pujols get excoriated for years of uncertain comments to that effect.