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Edwin Jackson Signing: Washington Nationals Believe Pitcher Had Flaw In Delivery Last Season

Former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Edwin Jackson agreed to a one-year deal with the Washington Nationals on Thursday, and Washington GM Mike Rizzo met with the media via conference call later to discuss the signing.

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During that discussion, Rizzo said that the Nationals think they found a problem with Jackson's delivery that was causing problems during the 2011 season.

[Washington general manager Mike Rizzo] also said on the conference call that Washington believes Jackson had a flaw in his full wind-up that allowed hitters to see the ball particularly well out of his hand, according to the Washington Post.

Indeed, last year Jackson had an anomalous season in which he was far worse with no one on base (when he'd use the full wind-up) than with runners on (when he'd pitch out of the stretch).


Jackson went 5-2 with a 3.5 ERA with St. Louis last season.

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