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Roy Oswalt Rumors Stall With Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals

For a while, there, it seemed like Roy Oswalt had no shortage of suitors—the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers both seemed interested, and the Boston Red Sox had been rumored as suitors since before it was apparent the former Astros ace would have to settle for a one-year contract. Now, almost two weeks since the rumor mills incorrectly reported Oswalt had signed with the Cardinals, things have stalled so completely on all fronts that even the Philadelphia Phillies have been suggested as possible bargain-hunters.

Like most of the teams interested in Oswalt, the Phillies would have to move a pitcher they aren't interested in to free payroll, and since Joe Blanton looks harder to sell than either of the Cardinals' confounding pitchers it's tough to see them actually making a move to retain the fourth member of their infamous 2011 rotation.

But the simple fact that the possibility exists they might shows how far Oswalt has fallen, even since he looked like a bargain back in January. The market looks to have completely reset.