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Here's A Beautiful Photo Of Albert Pujols Breaking St. Louis Cardinals Fans' Hearts, You Guys

Earlier this week, Albert Pujols connected for two long, long home runs in the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim's Cactus League matchup with the Chicago White Sox. He also did the—it's too terrible to say—he did the thing with the hands, and the, the God, and the, he usually did it in a St. Louis Cardinals uniform, with the bird, and the bat, and the other bird, and, come on, right? like, couldn't he leave that for us, you know, since that was our thing that we did together, and not Arte Moreno's thing? right?

It's after the jump. Just, you know, don't click if you think it might trigger something, because, like, it's triggering something for me, and I'm not sure I can deal with it. Remember when he—for us—and we—

COME ON, man. I mean, I just, I'm not even mad, I just thought we had something, and it's clear we didn't, and that's okay, I just... Jesus. I'm gonna go get some air. I've started smoking now—I know, you didn't know. But I did.