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Fire Mike Matheny Is A Website About The St. Louis Cardinals Firing Mike Matheny

Right now the St. Louis Cardinals have not won a baseball game since late 2011. They haven't won a game since Albert Pujols left for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and, more importantly, they haven't won a game since Tony La Russa, among the very best managers of all time, retired to spend more time with his Twitter account. If that makes you furious, there's only one place you should go: Fire Matheny Dot Com, whose slogan—"HANDSOME, CHARMING, INCOMPETENT"—seems to suggest Mike Matheny would make a great fit for political office.


Full disclosure: I am something a little less than certain that I know who wrote this, and he is serious only about his desire to make half-serious racial slurs about the French. But if Mike Matheny ever does begin to prove handsome, charming, and incompetent, this guy stands to make at least 10 or 15 bucks by selling the domain name he's currently squatting. So I don't want to alienate him right now, is what I'm saying, before he comes into money.