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St. Louis Weather Threatens Cardinals Vs. Cubs, World Series Ring Ceremony Saturday

Unfortunately for fans set to watch round two of this weekend's Cardinals vs. Cubs series—and really, anybody who has to deal with St. Louis weather—April is shaping up to be considerably less temperate than March. Saturday's weather is storms all the way down, with showers and thunderstorms set to pass through all day. KSDK reported Saturday morning that heavy rain will be expected all afternoon, with no respite until the evening. With so little room between these storms it's easy to see a rain delay—which seems extremely likely—turning rapidly into a postponement.

The Cardinals and Cubs are schedule to begin play at Busch Stadium at 12:05 PM, with the World Series rings being handed out a half an hour before gametime. None of this has been postponed yet, but it's looking like little more than a matter of time until the rain delay shuffle begins. I'm sure Fox Sports Midwest has already prepared The Best of Cardinals Kids' Club with Andy Benes and Fredbird and Baseball's Greatest Shortstops for the occasion.