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Carlos Beltran Injury: Beltran Due Back Tuesday Vs. Reds

Carlos Beltran is likely to come back Tuesday against the Cincinnati Reds after the St. Louis Cardinals removed him from Sunday's game as a precautionary measure following a forearm injury.


The St. Louis Cardinals were without Carlos Beltran for the end of Sunday's win against the Chicago Cubs, after he took a fastball on the forearm, but if his Twitter account is any indication their right fielder should be in action Tuesday night against the Cincinnati Reds:

Well, sounds good to me, I think. (I took Russian.) Few teams are more likely to be conservative with that kind of hit-by-pitch than the Cardinals, who saw Kyle Lohse's career derailed for two seasons by a similar shot. It's unlikely to prove so serious for Carlos Beltran, but with the off-day they were in a position to not have to worry about it. Meanwhile, he went out and got acupuncture (with pictures) to reduce the swelling. So there's that.

In nine games, the former Cardinals-killer is hitting .324/.425/.588, with three home runs and two stolen bases. He's yet to move to center field, though the Cardinals maintain he might see some time there before the season is out.