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Lance Berkman Injury: Berkman Starting For Cardinals Vs. Reds Tuesday

Lance Berkman's injury was especially dramatic—he injured his calf legging out a triple—but it looks like it wasn't too serious: The St. Louis Cardinals' first baseman, who's appeared in five of their 10 games so far, will be back Tuesday vs. the Cincinnati Reds. Rick Hummel has the lineup; Berkman's batting fourth, behind Matt Holliday, for their 7:00 matchup against Johnny Cueto.

The Cardinals, thanks to rookie third baseman and batting glove conscientious objector Matt Carpenter's incredible start, haven't missed Berkman yet; they're 7-3, atop the National League Central. But with the Reds in town it's good to have the veterans back on their feet. Berkman was hitting .375/.565/.625 himself when the injury occured; he's got two doubles and the responsible triple already in his second year as the Cardinals' surprise offensive focal point.

If you're interested in chatting with Cardinals fans during the game, and thus overthinking Berkman's every jog, hop, and limp, visit SB Nation's St. Louis Cardinals blog, Viva El Birdos.