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David Freese Injury: Freese Back In St. Louis Cardinals' Lineup Tuesday Vs. Reds

The St. Louis Cardinals will get their World Series totem back on Tuesday: After an irritated finger left him unable to properly grip the usual baseball implements David Freese is in the lineup Tuesday vs. the Cincinnati Reds, according to Rick Hummel. Freese is perhaps the only third baseman on the team hotter than Matt Carpenter—in addition to his 2011 playoff heroics, Freese was hitting .404/.424/.688 over his first eight games of the season. He'll bat fifth, behind fellow returnee Lance Berkman.

Since the postseason began last October Freese has been on the run of a lifetime, hitting .400 across 95 at-bats with eight home runs after hitting .297 with 10 home runs in 333 regular season at-bats. It's left Cardinals fans wondering just what a healthy David Freese really looks like, and Tuesday he'll get four or five plate appearances closer to showing us.

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