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Cardinals Vs. Marlins: Kyle Lohse's No-Hitter Ends At 6 Innings

Kyle Lohse nearly turned the Miami Marlins’ first game at their new ballpark into the wrong kind of history, taking a no-hitter through six innings, but import Jose Reyes singled through the infield to bring the crowd to life in the seventh—right before he was erased on an excellent play by Kyle Lohse on an Emilio Bonifacio grounder. The Cardinals lead 3-0 on RBIs from David Freese and Rafael Furcal; it’s been an impressive performance thus far from Lohse, who was the Cardinals’ Opening Day starter only thanks to Chris Carpenter’s nerve injury.

Reyes has the first home-team hit in the Marlins’ new ballpark’s short history, but he’s not their first baserunner—Emilio Bonifacio was hit by a pitch earlier, staying on first base until he was wiped out himself by a double play.

Lohse has two strikeouts and has yet to allow a walk in his seven innings. A one-hitter isn’t quite as exciting as a no-hitter, but the Cardinals will certainly take it.