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Matt Holliday Watch: He's Probably Okay, Guys

Matt Holliday's yearly slump and the seemingly inevitable worries about his contract and his ability to play When It Counts seem like they're going to be St. Louis Cardinals perennials so long as he's around, which is a little unfortunate. The good news is that I wouldn't have to change the yearly "He's okay, you guys," post all that much. With that in mind: He's okay, you guys.

After going 2-4 with two doubles and two RBI in Thursday's win over the Arizona Diamondbacks Holliday is now hitting .266/.338/.461 on the season, which is above average if not nearly what we expect of him. If you're a He Can't Play When It Counts guy, you might also be happy to see he's ninth in the National League in RBI, with a full-season pace of 115.

In May he's hitting .400/.488/.686, which is probably going to work just fine.

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