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Yadier Molina Injury: St. Louis Cardinals Dodge DL Time For Star Catcher

The St. Louis Cardinals' good news on the Yadier Molina injury front continued over their off-day, when it turned out that the hand injury he got from too-close contact to a Mitchell Boggs fastball was a bruise and not a break. With both of their backup catcher candidates struggling in the early going the Cardinals definitely can't afford to lose Molina, who's hitting a career-best .301/.353/.528 with four home runs and 12 doubles since signing his big contract extension in the offseason.

Here's the depth situation for Molina, just in case you want to be nervous some more: Tony Cruz is hitting 3-21 in the kind of limited playing time you get when you're Yadier Molina's backup. Meanwhile, in the minor leagues, left-handed ex-prospect Bryan Anderson started the season off in an impossibly bad slump before righting the ship of late. He's hitting .146.

Meanwhile, in AA, the Springfield Cardinals have a platoon between 26-year-old, .201-hitting organizational soldier Nick Derba and erstwhile sleeper prospect Audry Perez, who, given the platoon situation, I think it's safe to say the Cardinals are also sleeping on. He's hitting .263/.283/.404.

As for their top catching prospects, Robert Stock is now a pitcher and Cody Stanley was suspended 50 games for drug violations. As always: Come back soon, Yadi.