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Carlos Beltran Injury: St. Louis Cardinals Sit Beltran For Second Day With Sore Knee

The St. Louis Cardinals sat hot-hitting Carlos Beltran for a second consecutive game Tuesday afternoon against the Chicago Cubs, following Monday's revelation that the outfielder—currently leading the National League with 13 home runs—was dealing with a sore knee. That's where, you'll remember, he dealt with the knee injury that ended his New York Mets tenure and nearly finished off his career; the Cardinals have been justifiably cautious since, although Beltran pinch-hit on both days, drawing an intentional walk in Tuesday's walk-off victory vs. the Cubs.

Beltran's continued presence in the box scores suggests this particularly flare-up of his knee injury isn't too serious—although it could prove ill-advised if he does go on the 15-day disabled list, since it will prevent a more aggressive backdating of the injury—but with Allen Craig back on the 25-man roster it's unlikely the Cardinals will rush Beltran now that they can help it.

Other injury news: Jon Jay is on the disabled list, and Lance Berkman is missing time for reasons ostensibly unrelated to his bum calf.