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2012 MLB Draft: High School Bats With Power Potential Might Impress Cardinals

Over at Viva El Birdos the red baron has been running his 2012 MLB Draft scouting reports, an annual routine, and he's come upon a prospect he particularly likes for the St. Louis Cardinals: Trey Williams, a high school outfielder with power potential and a surprising amount of polish already. Or maybe unsurprising—his father was a first-rounder himself, 1983 No. 4 Eddie Williams.

The Cardinals' lack of power potential in their farm system has long been commented on, and while it's less true now than it's been in a while, now that Matt Adams and Oscar Taveras have broken out, it's still an area I'd like to see the Cardinals attack more directly. Their recent foray into big-ticket high-average hitters has mostly disappointed; Brett Wallace is in and out of the major leagues with the Houston Astros, and Zack Cox has struggled in his first exposure to AAA Memphis.

They'll be running more scouting reports at VEB all the way up to draft day; stay tuned there and to this storystream for more information as we count down to the 2012 MLB Draft this June.