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Fantasy Baseball: Allen Craig Remains Important For Lance Berkman, Carlos Beltran Owners

If your fantasy baseball team has revolved, this month, around Carlos Beltran or waited, last month, for Lance Berkman, it's hard to justify not owning Allen Craig, their versatile, hard-hitting caddy. Berkman, whose calf injury will be magnified, over the next few weeks, by the St. Louis Cardinals' desire to baby him in the early going, will likely form a de facto platoon with Craig for the rest of May, with the 27-year-old outfielder/first baseman taking a shot at most left-handed pitchers. Meanwhile Beltran has sat out each of the last two games with a sore knee--the same one that required the microfracture surgery that left him looking distinctly un-Beltran in 2010--and the Cardinals, with Craig on hand, are unlikely to be aggressive in allowing him to return.

In deep and/or NL-only leagues, even Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig's caddy, might be worth a look; he's a natural third baseman who's shown surprising power and will also benefit, if you're fast-enough on the lineup draw, from the Cardinals' long-standing desire to keep the fragile David Freese on two working ankles.