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St. Louis Cardinals Call Brandon Dickson Up, According To His Agent's Twitter (Maybe)

Ever wake up one day with the suddenly realization that you're a middleman? That's what I got when I realized that we, the St. Louis Cardinals media, were scooped on the Cardinals' replacement for Kyle McClellan—Memphis sinkerballer Brandon Dickson—by a Twitter account with 235 followers apparently run by Dickson's agent, The Largest Baseball Agency in Missouri, Platinum Sports.

Worse yet, I learned about being scooped in Viva El Birdos's comments section.

As for Dickson, he's a perfectly reasonable choice for the call-up, though I'd rather have triple-digits reliever Maikel Cleto; he can start or reliever, he can go multiple innings, and he won't confuse the Cardinals' defense by striking a lot of batters out. Also, his nickname is "Cotton," which is the kind of fun tidbit you only get from us, the St. Louis Cardinals media, unless you can check Wikipedia yourself.

God, I hope you can't check Wikipedia yourself.

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