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Lance Berkman Injury: Berkman Helped Off Field, Status Unknown

An impending sweep at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers is currently the least of the St. Louis Cardinals' problems. The top priority has now turned to the health of first basemen Lance Berkman, who was helped off the field on Saturday night after a routine play in which he caught a throw from shortstop Rafael Furcal to retire Dodgers shortstop Justin Sellers. After falling to the ground, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny and a trainer rushed to Berkman's side. Berkman then tried to walk off the field, but was unable to and was helped off by the two men.

The severity of Berkman's injury is still unknown, though the Cardinals announced that he had injured his right knee. According to's Jenifer Langosch, Berkman will undergo an MRI in St. Louis on Monday. Langosch also reported that Berkman, who had surgery on his right ACL in 2005, does not believe he injured his ACL on Saturday night.

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