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Matt Adams Scuffles In Start Vs. Lefty Clayton Richard

Unfortunately for those of us who follow top St. Louis Cardinals prospects quite this closely, not everyone has a Jeff Francoeur or Bryce Harper or Bo Hart start in them to begin his career—the whole thing requires a little more patience than we're accustomed to having to exercise on the internet. So too with Matt Adams, who, a day after going 2-4 in his debut, brought on suddenly by Lance Berkman's injury, went 0-4, struck out twice, and grounded into a double play. These things happen. It didn't help that Adams was making his second career start against a left-hander, San Diego Padres veteran Clayton Richard.

He got Adams once, and then again with the double play, before reliever Andrew Cashner—the triple-digits-hurling reliever the Padres got from the Chicago Cubs for first baseman Anthony Rizzo—caught him swinging on a 99 mile-an-hour fastball.

Matt Adams Watch will no doubt continue—at least until he hits his first career home run, presumably out of five-to-six-hundred—but I find it helpful, every few days, to remind myself that baseball players rarely come out of the gate hitting .450.