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Lance Berkman Injury: Knee Surgery Set For Thursday Morning

St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Lance Berkman will undergo surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee on Thursday morning at 7 a.m. in Houston, according to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The surgery begins a process that could hopefully have Berkman returning to the playing field within a few months.

When Berkman went down on May 19, there was concern that the first baseman had torn the ACL in his right knee, which would require major surgery. Such a severe injury would have costed Berkman all of the 2012 season, and the player even suggested that he'd be willing to consider retirement if the MRI results were bad enough.

Obviously, the results that came back from the MRI weren't remotely as grave as had originally been thought, leaving some hope that Berkman could ultimately return within 6-to-8 weeks. After learning the MRI results, Berkman commented that he was still concerned with his ACL, but doctors appear to believe the ligament is alright.

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