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Lance Berkman Injury: Surgery Thursday Could Find ACL Damage

The only confirmed Lance Berkman injury surgeons will be dealing with on Thursday as they repair his right knee is a torn meniscus, but there could be more going on under the skin—they'll also be looking for a torn ACL, which wasn't found on the first MRI but could still be lurking underneath the swelling. If the problem is limited to Berkman's meniscus the St. Louis Cardinals' slugger could be back in less than two months. If the ACL is torn, though, Berkman could miss the season—and will once more have to consider the possibility of retirement.

Before the injury—limited by an unrelated calf problem that caused him to miss most of April—Berkman was hitting .333/.429/.571 with five doubles, a triple, and a home run in 49 plate appearances spread out over 13 games. In his place the Cardinals have relied on Matt Carpenter and Allen Craig—also injured—and now the hulking prospect Matt Adams.

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