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St. Louis Cardinals Prospects: Keith Law Ranks Shelby Miller And Oscar Taveras Among Top 25 Prospects In Baseball

On Thursday, ESPN's Keith Law released a revised list of the top 25 prospects in Major League Baseball. The St. Louis Cardinals have two players on the list -- pitcher Shelby Miller, who checks in at No. 9, and outfielder Oscar Taveras, who is No. 21.

Here's what Law had to say about Shelby Miller:

One comment I've heard on Miller this season is that he might just be bored; he's been solid (outside of a bad outing Monday night in Tucson, another great hitters' park), but not spectacular, and his fastball is down about a full grade, sitting 90-93 mph.

And Taveras:

His swing is unorthodox -- you might even call it ugly -- but it works, well enough to see the bat profiling in an outfield corner, with an average high enough that the OBP is strong even if he draws only 40-50 walks a year.

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