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PHOTO, UNFORTUNATELY: Streaker Interrupts St. Louis Cardinals Game Thursday

Look: We here at SB Nation St. Louis do our best to patrol the St. Louis sports social media landscape so that you don't have to. And sometimes, you should be really glad that you don't have to. A streaker interrupted the St. Louis Cardinals' Thursday-night loss to the Philadelphia Phillies. Fox Sports Midwest wisely turned the cameras away from his perch in Busch Stadium's outfield, as is their wont, but they couldn't keep Dustin McClure of Welcome to Baseball Heaven from capturing the streaker—in mid-capture—for posterity's sake. After the jump, his tweet. Suspect is white, average height. Very, really white, is what he is.

Thanks—I think?—to @DJ_McClure for capturing that moment for future generations, and to Busch Stadium's brave security staff for getting within four inches of the offender. If it's any consolation, after the Cardinals' repeated pitching meltdowns it was only the second most disgusting thing the Busch crowd saw that night.