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Roy Oswalt Rumors Rekindled By Roy Halladay's Injury

Sunday afternoon, Roy Oswalt rumors took a buyer's-market turn when the various rumor-reporters aggregated then at seemed to suggest that the contract the veteran pitcher wanted was beyond the budget—or at least the desire—of most of his potential bidders. Sunday night: A possible Roy Halladay injury at Busch Stadium during their 8-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals leaves the Philadelphia Phillies with the vague diagnosis of shoulder soreness standing between them and a Roy-sized hole in their starting rotation. Could Oswalt end his strange layoff where it began at the end of last season?

It makes sense at a glance. The Phillies, pinned down in a startlingly solid NL East, already have longtime swingman Kyle Kendrick in the rotation, and getting good news about Vance Worley won't be enough to settle a fanbase if Roy Halladay, perhaps baseball's best pitcher, has to miss any length of time recovering from whatever's caused this soreness.

Enter: Roy Oswalt. If he really wants that rumored $7.5 million I think he's unlikely to get it, but his agent is probably on the line with the Phillies at this very moment.