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Roy Oswalt Rumors: Los Angeles Dodgers Make Oswalt An Offer He Could Refuse

Monday night, as it seemed more logical than ever that the Roy Oswalt rumors would culminate in a return to the Philadelphia Phillies, the rumor mill was sent spinning by this tweet from Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, which suggests that the Los Angeles Dodgers, the toast of the National League so far, have already made the former Houston Astros ace an offer.

It makes sense; they're off to a great start, and with Frank McCourt mostly out of the picture they certainly have money to burn. And with 5-1 Ted Lilly on the disabled list, they also have a spot in the rotation to fill with a veteran. Unfortunately for Dodgers fans, Oswalt's price appears to be unmoved from where it was in the spring, when he drew no satisfactory offers; it's completely possible that the Dodgers made an offer, but it's equally possible that Roy Oswalt might refuse it.

More Roy Oswalt coverage from SB Nation St. Louis, which was fooled with everybody else when it seemed imminent that he'd sign with the Cardinals: