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Roy Halladay Injury: Philadelphia Phillies Ace To See Doctor Tuesday For Shoulder Soreness

The Philadelphia Phillies' rotation is in doubt so long as the Roy Halladay injury prognosis is in limbo following his latest bout of shoulder soreness, but there's news, whether good or bad, on the way: the Phillies ace, who left his Sunday loss to the St. Louis Cardinals after two innings, is set to visit a doctor on Tuesday, according to

Halladay, once considered injury-prone, has been remarkably healthy of late; he's thrown at least 30 starts for six consecutive years, and despite some rumors about decreased velocity he remains on pace for a seventh in this, his age-36 season. He's widely considered the best pitcher in baseball, and it would be a major blow for the Phillies if they lost him for an extended period of time.

They should know one way or another Tuesday. Unitl then--and possibly after, if the news is bad--rumors will continue to fly about the Phillies and Roy Oswalt making a remarriage of convenience. Since our Cardinals nearly signed Roy Oswalt five months ago and homered off a possibly dinged-up Roy Halladay a few days ago, we feel personally responsible for most of the current Phillies news cycle.