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Roy Halladay Injury: Strained Shoulder Forced Phillies Ace Out After Yadier Molina Grand Slam

The Philadelphia Phillies finally got the Roy Halladay injury news—as delayed by Memorial Day—and it's not great: It turns out that the discomfort that caused him to leave Sunday's loss against the St. Louis Cardinals was caused by a strained shoulder, and he could miss up to two months for the resulting rehab. Halladay gave up a grand slam in the first inning of that start, but it wasn't on a bad pitch—a two-seamer low in the zone that hit 92 on the gun.

Of course, he'd put the runners on in the first place. Halladay actually went 1-2-3 in the second inning, but from his pitch selection—he didn't throw a straight fastball to either of the first two batters he faced—a braver man than I could suggest that he already knew something was wrong.

But if you were wondering whether Roy Halladay could retire Adam Wainwright, Rafael Furcal, and Skip Schumaker while dealing with a relatively severe shoulder problem, you finally got your weirdly specific answer.