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Roy Oswalt Signing Ends Months Of St. Louis Cardinals Speculation

For a while, back in January, it looked like the St. Louis Cardinals had already signed Roy Oswalt. For part of one day it seemed like the Cardinals and Oswalt had agreed to a deal that would shunt Jake Westbrook semi-permanently to the bullpen. Then things got unclear, and it seemed like every team was about to make a deal with Oswalt, until he and his agent retreated to try again in June. It looks like that move finally worked out: As anticipated, a contender had an injury to deal with when Neftali Feliz fell out of the Texas Rangers' rotation and they signed Oswalt to a most-of-one-year deal Tuesday.

It's a solid fit—though it has to be a bit odd for both the Rangers and Oswalt, who spurned each other back in January and February after rumors emerged that he would've been consigned to the bullpen on the Rangers' opening day roster.

Then, Roy Oswalt was a veteran among other veterans; yesterday he was the last possible patch on a number of rotations that couldn't afford to lose any air. Well played, Roy-Oswalt's-agent.