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2012 MLB Mock Draft: Could Be Two High Schoolers For Cards, According To Keith Law

The St. Louis Cardinals already have one of the strongest farm systems in baseball, and the rich will have a very good chance at getting richer in the 2012 MLB Draft. The Cardinals have two picks— their own, and one from the Los Angeles Angels as compensation for Albert Pujols. In recent years, St. Louis has drafted both a high school player (Shelby Miller) and a college player (Kolten Wong), and they're generally believed to be open to many players in this year's draft.

In his most recent 2012 MLB mock draft, ESPN's Keith Law sees the Cardinals taking two high schoolers. The first, at No. 19 overall, is Louisiana high school catcher Stryker Trahan, who was seen as a top prospect earlier in the draft process but who has slipped a bit after a disappointing season. That said, Law believes the talent is still very much there and that he could be a bargain at that pick.

With their second pick, Law sees St. Louis taking Hunter Virant, a high school lefty pitcher from California. According to Law, Virant, who is 6' 3" but only 172 pounds, could add a good amount of velocity in pro ball as he fills out.

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