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Today's Albert Pujols Is Struggling Update

This just in: Albert Pujols, despite finally hitting a home run, is still not hitting especially well. After going 1-5 Monday, in the Los Angeles Angels's 8-3 win over the Minnesota Twins, Pujols is now hitting .197/.236/.291, with eight doubles, the one home run, and nine RBI.

That's one home run out of 446 in his career, which is why I'm not especially worried, even still. If his next 100 at-bats also feature a .526 OPS and one home run, let me know—then I might be kind of nervous.

The fascinating thing right now, in his straight-extrapolation ESPN projections, is his strikeout-to-walk ratio. Even last year, in his least-Pujolsian season ever, Pujols walked (61) more times than he struck out (58.) Right now he's on pace for 32 walks, about half as many as his current low, and 86 strikeouts, his most since his rookie season. Lots of people have suggested he's pressing, and if you'd like to be one of those people, that's where I'd start...

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