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Yadier Molina Injury: St. Louis Cardinals Catcher Positive After Hand Injury

The St. Louis Cardinals may have dodged a bullet on a Yadier Molina injury—one that happened when their star catcher failed to dodge a bullet from Mitchell Boggs. After Molina left Tuesday night's Cardinals win vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks following a mixed-signals-induced shot to his left hand from Boggs. The immediate reports following the game were that the X-Rays looked "pretty clean," but early reports have lied before, so the Cardinals (and their fans) were cautious following the game.

Without Molina the Cardinals would likely go to some combination of Tony Cruz, who is 2-17 since winning the backup catcher job out of spring training, and erstwhile prospect Bryan Anderson, who began the season extremely slowly at AAA Memphis after losing it and is now hitting .122 there. Cruz is a better defensive player, while Anderson, who is left-handed, likely has the better offensive skill-set.

But however well they performed, the drop from the hitting-star Molina we've seen since the 2011 all-star break to two replacement players would be a major blow for a Cardinals team that lacks depth and upside at the position.