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Yadier Molina Injury A Bruised Left Hand, Not A Break

On Tuesday night, the St. Louis Cardinals had quite a scare when reliever Mitchell Boggs gunned a 90+ mile-per-hour fastball towards the plate that crossed up catcher Yadier Molina -- who had called a slider on the pitch -- and struck him on the left hand. Molina left the game and had Cardinals fans thinking about how the team could possibly replace a four-time Rawlings Gold Glove award winner and a three-time National League All-Star, but it appears both Molina and the team got lucky this time.

Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting X-rays revealed a bruise and not a break on Molina's injured left hand. In fact, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny doesn't even think the team will need to promote a third catcher to the roster. The scariest aspect of the situation is that Molina broke that same hand back in 2005 when he was hit by a pitch, so Matheny did mention that the situation will be rechecked and monitored in the coming days as well, saying: "He's going to be sore. He'll probably have to get a couple more looks at it. We'll just wait and see what their doctor says."

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