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Allen Craig Injury: St. Louis Cardinals Slugger Returns From DL Friday

The St. Louis Cardinals finally get some good injury news Friday: Allen Craig is set to come off the 15-day disabled list, 15 days after being scratched from an already thin Cardinals lineup with a sore hamstring. He's hitting .373/.424/.765 in his 13 games with the club so far—that's .301/.352/.540 in his career—and he's clearly deserving of a starting role in this depleted lineup. But his return leaves the Cardinals with an interesting conundrum: What do they do with Matt Adams?

Adams is probably ready to hit in the major leagues, but he can only play first base. Do they send him back down to Memphis for at-bats, or do they keep him on the 25-man roster as the small side of a platoon with Craig until Lance Berkman gets back? If Craig's hamstring problem has lingered at all it makes sense to keep a backup around, but it could be tough to find at-bats for Adams if Craig is ready to play every day.

For once, at least, the Cardinals find themselves with a good problem to have.