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College World Series Bracket 2012: Florida State Takes On Arizona Friday

The 2012 College World Series bracket is out, and St. Louis Cardinals fans hoping for No. 23 pick James Ramsey to sign quickly will have to watch his Florida State Seminoles take on Arizona Friday at 8 PM CDT on ESPN 2. If they win then they'll have to take on the winner of UCLA vs. Stony Brook in Friday's day game. If the 48-13 Seminoles really flop, the Cardinals could sign Ramsey as early as June 18. If he drives them to the championship game, and it goes three games, he'd be out of the College World Series on June 27, after a night game on ESPN.

It's weird to look at the College World Series with these eyes, but those are James Ramsey's exit strategies—and since he's a college senior, he won't have much leverage. 22 years old already, he could start as high as high-A Palm Beach this year—and he'll need to, if he wants to impress Cardinals fans bothered by the affordability of their draft.

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