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College World Series Bracket 2012: St. Louis Cardinals Pick Leads FSU One Last Time

If you're looking for reasons to have a rooting interest in the 2012 College World Series bracket and you're a St. Louis Cardinals fan, this article from the Orlando Sentinel about James Ramsey being a big Jim Edmonds fan at 12 years old should be just enough to push you over the line into rooting for his Florida State Seminoles starting Friday. Ramsey, the Cardinals' No. 23 pick, will likely be the Quad Cities River Bandits' right fielder in a few weeks; for now, he's perhaps the best hitter in college baseball, and a dangerous bat as the Seminoles take on Arizona in the CWS.

It might be a little troublesome to root for a guy when the better he does, the longer it takes to see him in a Cardinals uniform, but hey—he's already done his part. By topping Stephen Piscotty—another polished contact hitter—and Stanford earlier this month, Ramsey helped deliver the Cardinals their No. 36 pick.

For a complete look at the CWS bracket, click through to our 2012 College World Series bracket overview. Whatever your rooting interest in James Ramsey and Florida State, it should be able to answer your questions.