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College World Series Bracket 2012, Florida State Vs. Arizona: Watch Cardinals Pick James Ramsey On ESPN2

You may not normally be very aware of the 2012 College World Series bracket, but if you're a St. Louis Cardinals fan here's reason to watch Friday night's game between Arizona and Florida State, scheduled for an 8 PM start on ESPN 2: James Ramsey, their second first-round pick in the 2012 MLB Draft, will be anchoring the Seminoles' offense. Ramsey's a particularly odd and controversial pick, a college senior with outstanding numbers and little in the way of the tools prospect hounds love, so there's every reason to watch and see just what the Cardinals saw in him, besides affordability.

Of course, I guess you could just also watch because you like college baseball. Florida State will be taking on either Stony Brook, the surprise of the tournament, or UCLA in their game on Sunday; the tournament starts off in double-elimination mode.

We'll be covering the Cardinals' draft pick all weekend; for more information and updates, follow along here at SB Nation St. Louis. More stories hand-picked from our recent archive: