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College World Series Bracket 2012: Florida State Blows Out Stony Brook In Elimination Game

The 2012 College World Series bracket's major underdog, Stony Brook, couldn't avoid being the first team eliminated at the CWS Sunday, falling 12-2 to the Florida State Seminoles after a six-run third inning proved the knockout blow. James Ramsey, the St. Louis Cardinals' No. 23 overall pick and the Seminoles' top hitter, was 2-5 with an RBI in the win, which built on a throwing error in that third inning that led to five unearned runs. Mike Compton, 12-2 on the season, got the win.

Florida State, with one loss that it suffered Friday against the Arizona Wildcats, will move on to face UCLA on Tuesday, in another elimination matchup. (This one will be aired on ESPN at 7 PM.) UCLA fell into the loser's bracket after being shutout by Arizona in their own second game.

For more updates on the 2012 College World Series (and the St. Louis Cardinals' tangential involvement therein) stay tuned to our 2012 CWS storystream.