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College World Series Bracket 2012: As Florida Departs, Florida State Faces Elimination

Thus far the 2012 College World Series has not been kind to the two Florida squads who sat atop their brackets last week. The Florida State Seminoles lost its opening matchup with Arizona—now 2-0, and in the driver's seat—in extra innings before eliminating an overmatched Stony Brook squad in their first elimination game. Then, Monday, Kent State held on to a 5-4 win that sent he Florida Gators packing at 0-2. Tuesday night at 7 PM CDT, James Ramsey and FSU will look to avoid the same fate when they take on the UCLA Bruins in their second elimination bout.

The Kent State vs. Florida game was maybe not the kind of baseball you hope for in a College World Series game. Kent State picked up 12 hits, including two doubles and a triple, but thanks to some crucial errors only one of their five runs was earned. After they got their lead they nearly lost it when the bullpen came around. But every run is equally sweet when it comes in an elimination game, and I doubt the Golden Flashes much minded.

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