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College World Series Bracket 2012: Florida State Takes On UCLA With Elimination On The Line

The 2012 College World Series bracket can be a little confusing to college baseball newcomers, but we've finally reached the elimination portion of the bracket—the Florida State Seminoles and the UCLA Bruins each have one loss, so whoever falls in Tuesday night's ESPN televised game—scheduled for 7 PM CDT—is out of the CWS for good. James Ramsey, the St. Louis Cardinals' No. 23 pick, anchors the Seminoles' lineup, so Cardinals fans can either root for him to lose (and sign more quickly) or root for him to win, as a courtesy to a future Cardinals prospect.

Zack Weiss, a 3-2 sophomore with a 4.04 ERA, gets the difficult assignment of stopping Ramsey and company, while junior Scott Sitz, who has 12 starts and a 3.99 ERA, is the Seminoles' pick for the elimination assignment. If you're watching Ramsey, take special note of his defense—scouts are divided on whether he'll stick at center in the major leagues.

For more College World Series updates—and more odd questions about James Ramsey and the propriety of rooting against a future Cardinal—stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis, where we ask the hard questions, so long as they're also very selfish and solipsistic.