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Chris Carpenter Injury: St. Louis Cardinals Ace's Rehab Delayed Again

The St. Louis Cardinals have had trouble all year establishing a timeline on Chris Carpenter's injury—a nerve problem that has caused weakness in his shoulder since Spring Training—and Derrick Goold reported Monday for the Post-Dispatch that the longtime anchor of the rotation is dealing with yet more shoulder weakness after a session with live hitters two days before.

That means the timeline has moved again, and the Cardinals' rotation, buoyed to date by the unlikely performance of Lance Lynn, continues to lack a pitcher who finished among the league leaders in innings pitched each of the last two seasons. Without him the Cardinals have turned to Joe Kelly in the wake of a significant Jaime Garcia injury; that's worked so far, but it serves to illustrate how little depth the Cardinals have behind him without Carp to rely on.

The Cardinals have offered no word yet as to a new timeline for Carpenter's recovery—and at this point, that's probably for the best. We should see a new estimate for his return before the All-Star break, for whatever it's now worth.