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MLB Draft 2012: College World Series Star James Ramsey Reportedly Agrees With St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals' 2012 MLB Draft will edge closer to completion this week, according to a report from Derrick Goold Monday—he suggests the Cardinals and Florida State Seminoles star James Ramsey, their second pick and the No. 23 overall selection, could come to an official agreement as soon as Friday, whereupon Ramsey will likely report to a surprisingly advanced minor league affiliate. The news comes just days after Ramsey and the Seminoles were eliminated from the 2012 College World Series.

Ramsey was a surprise pick as a first-rounder—until it became clear that, as a college senior without a lot of signing bonus leverage, he was part of the Cardinals' plan to subvert the new slotting system and sign more expensive high schoolers like Carson Kelly. Kelly cost a million over slot; the discount the Cardinals get on Ramsey could decide whether they're able to sign other high-upside picks, like Trey Williams and Max Foody.

As for his own value, Ramsey is a contact guy with great clubhouse credentials who might have been the best hitter in college in 2012. His selection could characterize how this draft is perceived in five years, for good or ill.