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2012 MLB Mock Draft: SB Nation's John Sickels Has Cardinals Taking Pitchers Lucas Giolito And Pierce Johnson

Minor League Ball's John Sickels has completed his final 2012 MLB Mock draft and has the St. Louis Cardinals going with a pair of pitchers in the first round. Here's what Sickels has to say about that first selection, Lucas Giolito at No. 19 overall.

19) St. Louis Cardinals: Will the Cardinals handle their extra picks by taking more chances, or will they play it safe and avoid signability/money problems? You can make a case for the Cards picking Giolito, daring him to turn down the money and risk his arm in school. While there are some rumors to that effect, it seems like a long shot. . but what the hell, it will make this mock draft more interesting, it is somewhat plausible, and at this point in the process it is all guesswork anyway. Lucas Giolito, RHP, California HS. If you don't feel like gambling, Gallo, Pierce Johnson, Addison Russell, and Stryker Trahan could all fit here.

The Cardinals also have the No. 23 overall pick, where Sickels projects Pierce Johnson to be selected.

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