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St. Louis Cardinals Draft Pick James Ramsey Compared To Skip Schumaker, Tim Tebow; Internet Explodes

The St. Louis Cardinals made their second pick in the first round of the 2012 MLB Draft, and the result was enough to blow up the Cardinals internet. They selected Florida outfielder-cum-second-baseman James Ramsey at No. 23, and MLB Network duly trolled the fine people of Viva El Birdos by comparing him to fifth-rounder and VEB punching bag Skip Schumaker. Then they trolled the entire internet by comparing him personally to Tim Tebow.

I'm not sure what a guy with fringe-average power and a solid batting average is doing in the first round of the MLB Draft unless he's playing second base, but presumably the Cardinals know something about this guy that you and I don't. And hopefully it isn't that he's as gritty as Skip Schumaker and as prone to attracting people who absolutely despise him for frivolous reasons as Tim Tebow.

Anyway, the Cardinals have more picks yet to come; here's some more MLB Draft coverage handpicked by SB Nation St. Louis: